Slow cooker recipe: Kalua Pig

After missing out on a friend’s luau due to crippling stomach pains from all the fatty fair food, Patrick and Denise were inspired to recreate a bit of luau in our kitchen once we were all feeling better…better enough to eat some more, that is!

Denise’s mom recently gifted us with a large Crock-Pot and Denise has been wanting to try slow cooker Kalua Pig and validate the Crock-Pot’s bulky existence in our kitchen (Patrick really detests non-utility of things).

So the three of us went out to acquire the supplies:

  • 3lb pork butt (PB) for roast
  • 1 TBS Hawaiian sea salt (we blended coarse black lava and red clay varieties found at Whole Foods)
  • 3/4 TBS liquid hickory smoke
  • 2 organic bananas

Then we returned home, where Patrick and I rubbed our bellies in anticipation while Denise went about the preparations. Let me share those, plain and simple.

Evening prep:

  1. PB was washed and patted dry, then pierced liberally with a fork.
  2. PB was rubbed with sea salt and then liquid smoke.
  3. PB placed in Crock-Pot.
  4. The bananas were peeled, and PB was wrapped in peels with actual bananas laid on both sides.
  5. Crock-Pot was set to low for 10h, from night til morning.

Morning prep:

PB on the left; fat, et al. on the right

  1. Bananas and peels were thrown out. PB was transferred to a cookie baking tray with lip.
  2. Gravy was transferred to a small bowl and put in freezer (fat layers to be skimmed off after PB shredding complete).
  3. PB’s fat was removed and then PB was shredded with two forks.
  4. Shredded PB was returned to Crock-Pot and fat-less gravy was poured across for liquids to absorb into meat.
  5. Keep warm.
  6. Serve to I Love You Monkey over rice with cabbage and alongside mac salad!

We all agreed that our homemade Kalua Pig came very close to the authentic version we wolfed down at Da Kitchen during our Maui trip last year.

Luau plate from Da Kitchen, Maui; Kalua pig in upper right, other entree items include pork lau lau and saimin noodles


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